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Artist Spotlight: Danielle Craven-Slaski

On any given weekday, Danielle Craven-Slaski spends her professional time at Mark Supik & Company where she paints, finishes, sculpts and casts beer taps for the family run Highlandtown company. Most notably, she sculpted the Edgar Allen Poe bust handle for local brewery Raven Beer. Danielle begun working for the company almost right after highschool, and in her time there has dabbled in woodturning. This has led her to combine her work and knitting hobby by teaching classes for creating handmade fiber art tools. She has also sculpted a miniature replica of the Frank Zappa statue for the Highlandtown Train Garden.


Danielle’s personal work is on a different scale. Literally! Her passionate dedication towards Asian Ball-Jointed Dolls has resulted in spending much of her own time creating all manner of miniature accoutrement for her growing assortment of these handmade collectibles. Her personal collection of the ⅓ to 1/12 scale resin figures don handmade sweaters, silk-screened t-shirts, wrist warmers, hats, as well as other clothing and accessories. Her attention to scale makes her focus land more squarely on making real looking clothing for dolls than just simply making doll clothes.

Her fascination with Japanese culture led to a near obsession with creating tiny hand-crocheted animals and dolls, known in Japan as ‘amigurumi’ (directly translated as “knitted animal”). This spawned a collaboration with her husband resulting in an experimental photo webcomic featuring these crocheted figures.

Danielle ‘s work can be seen in various large and small scale Anime conventions along the East Coast, as well as the Creative Alliance’s Merry Mart show. She will have an assortment of handmade fiber art tools with Mark Supik & Company at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Her next anime convention will be this year’s Otakon at the Baltimore Convention Center from July 27-29 where she will have on display her dolls, the clothes she makes for them, and a menagerie of other miniature crafts.


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