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Artist Spotlight: Emily C-D

Emily C-D is an interdisciplinary artist who splits her time between Baltimore and Mexico City. A process of exploration, collection, and appropriation of found materials and existing spaces informs her work. Her practice spans the gamut from installation and sculpture, to illustration and collage, costume, performance, and mural painting. She uses recycled materials whenever possible, and is absolutely obsessed with getting the most possible use out of every object that she gets her hands on. 


emily c-d

The frugality of her art practice has taught Emily to live a thrifty lifestyle that has enabled her to travel the world on a very skimpy budget. She views the past two years she has spent in Mexico as a sort of self-led graduate program in cultural studies, communication, and collaborative art. 

Emily loves people and the process of working together. Her involvement in community art has been a natural outgrowth of a creative process concerned with transformation. From Baltimore to Mexico, she has involved children and young adults in fun, interactive, collaborative projects that blur the line between spectator and participant. Lately she has been excited about teaching kids to make musical instruments and costumes out of garbage, and leading them in loud, bizarre public performances.


emily c-d

Emily has been a pioneer in the mural movement of painting on the street surface. She recently returned to her Baltimore hometown to paint the crosswalk in front of the Creative Alliance in Highlandtown. Walk down and check it out, it is a bright band of color that you can't miss! Crossing the street has never been so fun!

crosswalk at patterson 

As she seems to find herself constantly on the road, Emily C-D is currently in a process of purging her belongings. She has some lovely collages and assemblages that would be so much more happy on someones wall than in a box in storage. Please contact her directly if you are interested in purchasing some of her work!


You can see Emily C-D's colorful portfolio online at


Emily is also a violinist who has played for over 20 years, check out La Balcónika ( for some Mexican gypsy jazz grooves!