Highlandtown / Greektown Mural

Ground breaking is March 26th! From spring until fall, walk or drive to the Highlandtown Underpass to see the artist at work! (the underpass is between Haven Street and Newkirk Street). Sketches of mural are shown below.

From the Artist

The mural will span both sides of a 1/4 mile underpass along Eastern Avenue, connecting the Highlandtown
and Greektown communities. I wanted this mural to be specific to the neighborhoods it ran through, so most of the time spent on my proposal was in interviews with the area's residents and business owners. The result is a bold and energetic figurative scene, a parade of sorts, illustrating the ways Highlandtown and Greektown each celebrate community. As the figures walk east along the road, certain activities and figures are highlighted, showing the specifics. As the mural unfolds, look for Greek dancing, the Patterson, and bocce ball among the many other references.