Dean Street Mural

Dean Street Mural

There’s a new mural in Highlandtown!

The mural is located at the corner of Eastern Avenue and Dean Street (behind the new library) and is the work of Tom Chalkley & Greg Gannon. The mural has a map concept with a bold statement of “You Are Here!” and was completed the end of October.

The concept is what Chris Ryer calls a "way-finding mural;" it displays the main through streets of the community and a handful of landmark buildings, plus cartoon characters that represent the diverse population of Highlandtown with a variety of activities -- a musician, a pizza chef, a construction worker, a yuppie on his deck, an immigrant studying, etc. This type of work, Anamorphs, has gotten a lot of recent attention because of the work of a British sidewalk artist. 

Make sure when you’re in the area that you check out this new mural!

Located at: 3701 Eastern Ave -- Eastern at Dean Street; the mural extends along Dean which is an alley on that block. 


Tom Chalkely is a cartoonist, caricaturist and illustrator (since 1976) but has always wanted to do murals! He got his first chance earlier this year at 33rd and Greenmount Ave. in Waverly. He has specialized in cartoon maps of all kinds; this is his first effort at a cartoon-map-mural.


 Photos by Amanda Smit